Family Reunion

We have heard many of you express interest in connecting with your families at family reunions. So we are happy to announce the new release of "My Ancestor: Family Reunion" e-book versions of each of our “MyAncestor” e-books. Each of these multi-page resources includes 3 sections:

This isn’t just another family reunion resource. These carefully selected family heritage family reunion activities will help the attendees find purpose, unity, and strength in their lives as they discover their common roots. Create new family history as family members engage in a shared family heritage using social media, blogs, and other online resources.

Print the activity workbook pages and distribute as desired during your family reunion to explore your family history with fun and games! Youth will gain ownership of their family history and take the lead in learning about their ancestors and the culture that surrounded them. As they accomplish these activities together with the help of their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings at the family reunion, they will strengthen modern family bonds while strengthening their link to the past.

Click here to order now for use at your upcoming family reunion and we'll get it send right out to you. These are e-books and will be sent electronically as a PDF, so it's perfect for last minute planning!